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Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement

Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement (CCI) is a group of everyday people who talk, act and get things done on issues that matter most. With over 3,400 members from all walks of life – urban and rural, black and white, immigrants and lifelong Iowans – CCI has been tackling tough issues and getting things done for more than 36 years.

One of the CCI’s primary areas of focus is farming and the environment, including clean water issues and stopping the construction of factory farms – the number one contributor to water pollution in Iowa. With more than 628 polluted waterways, 800 documented manure spills, and 8,000 largely unregulated factory farms producing hundreds of millions of gallons of toxic manure every year, Iowa suffers from the highest number of polluted waterways in state history.

The Change Happens Foundation team fully endorses and supports CCI’s dedicated grassroots movement to motivate the Iowa Department of Natural Resources to enforce the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Water Act. CCI has a very respectable history of making positive change in protecting our most important and vital natural resources from widespread corporate agricultural pollution.