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University Foundation CSU Chico

Chico State’s annual Imagineer Day, a science, technology, engineering, and mathematics outreach event introduces hundreds of K–8 students to the wonder and wide-ranging field of STEM. Hosted by the University’s Society of Women Engineers (SWE), the program features hands-on activities including lively advanced robotics sessions and engaging code-writing workshops designed to spark interest and catalyze persistence in eager young minds.

Dr. Hadil Mustafa, assistant professor in Chico State’s Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, hopes to grow the annual event into an ongoing after-school program in order to close the increasing gap in the number of women earning engineering and computer science degrees in higher education.

Having worked in the IT industry, I have seen a lack of diversity and inclusiveness within teams, with respect to females, Hispanic folks and African Americans. When Ahmad Boura of the University Foundation approached me with the idea to assist my favorite campus with a STEM program that includes a social justice component, it was a no-brainer triple-threat win for everybody involved.

- Mike Troxel, Change Happens Foundation Executive Vice President