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Caravan to Class

Imagining a world where the fundamental right of education is assured for every child everywhere, Caravan to Class seeks to bring education to villages around Timbuktu and the Southern Sahara through building schools and supporting their operations.

Since 2010, Caravan to Class has been building schools in the Timbuktu region and providing each school with desks, chalkboards, books, supplies, and solar units to generate electricity. Educating more than 1,000 children, Caravan to Class’ programs also provide teaching, school uniforms, food, clean water, and infrastructure in addition to classrooms such as libraries, canteens and latrines.

Completed in June 2015 and accommodating up to 100 children ages 6-12, the Samdiar School is the ninth school built by Caravan to Class. Located roughly 30 kilometers from Timbuktu, Mali, Samdiar is a village of more than 1,000 ethnically diverse residents where children have never known formal schooling and will be the first generation in their families to be literate in French.

The Change Happens Foundation is proud to support the Samdiar School Construction Project and the efforts of Caravan to Class to reverse the injustice of illiteracy in some of Africa’s most faraway places.